When teachers aren’t given the resources they need to do good work, they become frustrated. What’s the scarcest resource of all? Time. Teachers often find themselves overburdened, unable to give adequate attention to their various responsibilities.

Prioritise the project by supporting your teachers with time, access to information, and structure. Listen to their needs so that they become comfortable with this change.

Questions to consider:

  • How and when are teachers expected to make time for learning how to use the new technology when their schedules are so busy?

  • What exemplary material will you share with your team?

  • How will you encourage a culture of coaching and mentoring?

  • What avenues are available for your team to ask questions and offer feedback?

Create an “Intro” process for teachers that includes tutorial material and periodic check-ins for support. Create different learning opportunities that take into account adult learning styles (which differ from those of students); ‘How To’ videos work well, for example.

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