We teach our students by using essential questions to guide their learning and contextualise their day-to-day tasks. As adult learners, we too need to know why we are engaging in a challenging endeavour.

Without an understanding of why your school is implementing new technology, teachers will get confused. Create and articulate a vision to give your team clarity.

Questions to consider:

  • What is the purpose for the project? Why now?

  • How does this vision fit with the school mission or philosophy?

  • How does this impact student learning?

  • Has this vision been shared with teachers, administrators, and the broader community?

  • How will we know when we’ve achieved our goal? What does “success” look like?

Having defined the overall purpose and scope of the project, and thereby given the wider school community an easier entry point, you can then start delving deeper into more specific ‘vision’ questions relating to the technology you are implementing. For instance, you may wish to address questions such as:

  • How will the new technology meet the needs of different groups in the school, such as teachers, admin staff and parents?

  • How will the new technology support collaborative working, mobile access and other forward-looking technologies?

Take the vision one step further and reach consensus. For your vision to inspire, it must be one around which your team can rally and unify.

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