About the authors

John Mikton

John is currently the Primary Technology for Learning Coordinator International School of Geneva – La Châtaigneraie John has 29 years experience as an educator in education and media technology in international schools (Africa, Asia and Europe), of which 17 years in school leadership as an IT director, director of eLearning, head of education and media technology and deputy principal. John is also a trainer & course designer at the Principal Training CenterTeacher Training Center, a Learning2 Community mentor and coach, and a Faria Education Group consultant and coach. Blogs: Beyond Digital: An Educator's Cyber Sketches and Digital Life: Conversations on Digital Citizenship Podcast: The International School's Podcast

Adam Morris

Adam is the Faria Education Group Schools Technology & Integrations Director. He works gloablly to assist schools in using technology to solve their problems and make their lives more manageable. He had multiple experiences as a teacher, educator and technology director before he joined Faria full-time in 2021. He also hosts the Schools Technology Dischord which links educators to find common solutions to common tech problems.

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