People become anxious when they feel they have not been properly equipped to take on a project. Support your team by ensuring that they have, or can learn, the skills to confidently master the new technology and bring the vision to life. We can’t expect our teaching team to master a skill after one informational training session.

Give your teaching team the time and safe space to practice these skills after they’re introduced. Have patience as they demonstrate their commitment to the change.

Questions to consider:

  • What do teachers already know about the technology? Have they had any PD around it?

  • What is the technical proficiency of the team?

  • Who among your team is an expert or potential leader?

  • What additional skills will be needed as we begin?

A survey of your teachers is an effective way to gather the information for this stage.

Leverage the existing expertise in your team to foster teacher-leadership and encourage collaboration.

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