Whole School Planning

Creating meetings which consider the wellbeing needs of all those attending should be a process which is considered alongside other policies and procedures, including diversity and inclusion or working in partnership with parents.

Creating a student/parent meeting procedure or guide might be a helpful place to start.

Key questions to consider:

Who can call a meeting?

What spaces are available for the meeting?

How is this space useful to the purpose of the meeting?

What are the goals? Individual? Shared?

Who is invited? What expertise will they bring?

Who will take notes?

How are boundaries held?

How are issues of equality/diversity considered and planned for beforehand?

The guide should tell staff:

How to organise meetings.

Spaces the meetings can be held in and why this is important to consider.

Ways to gather different views before the meeting.

Important issues to consider.

Strategies for problem-solving in the meeting.

Thinking of the Next Steps for the benefit of all.

An example of a pre-meeting questionnaire to gather views can be found here:

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