Whole School Planning: Final Questions to Consider


  • How do we begin to prepare for our meetings?

  • What difference does it make when they happen suddenly?

  • How do you prepare for meetings you didn’t expect to be in?

  • What are the needs of the people involved and how can they be accommodated?

  • Does choosing the physical meeting space matter?

  • How do we help participants prepare? Is an invitation enough?

  • How can we prepare the physical meeting space for a productive meeting?

Goal Setting

  • Whose goals are prioritised?

  • How do you measure the success of a meeting?

  • Do people always have the skills or tools they need to achieve the goals set?

  • How do you set realistic goals?

  • Who do the aims of the meeting benefit the most?

  • Is there equity in the setting of goals?

  • Who gets to set the goals for the meeting?

Equality and Inclusion

  • Are we considering the wide spectrum of personal, emotional and social characteristics of the people attending the meeting?

  • How did this consideration form part of our preparation?

  • How can we use the physical meeting space to show this has been thought about?

  • What will be done if equality and inclusion is compromised in the meeting?

  • Do we feel comfortable talking about issues that may impact the meeting space under this heading?

Tools and Technology

  • What are the effects of meeting on an online platform for different participants?

  • How can we carry on meetings when the technology fails?

  • How do we create safe spaces to meet online?

  • How do you provide training to staff who feel less proficient when using technology?

  • Who decides which technology to use?

  • Does this technology take into consideration the needs of those attending?

Bias and Judgements

  • How do preconceived notions find their way into the meeting space?

  • Why do we need to be aware of our own values?

  • How do judgements get communicated in meetings?

  • How do judgements affect the outcome of our meetings?

  • How do you provide training to staff to help them consider how their own judgements may influence communication?

  • Are there safe ways to challenge others at your organisation?

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