A6 Nanotechnology

1. i. Describe the CVD method (chemical vapour deposition) for the production of carbon nanotubes. ii. Catalyst materials can be deposited onto the surface of carbon nanotubes. Suggest one major advantage of using carbon nanotubes in this way.
2. Explain and give the appropriate chemical equation for the process known as “High Pressure Carbon Monoxide” (HIPCO) for producing carbon nanoparticles.
3. i. Draw a diagram of a small section of graphene – containing at least 22 atoms. ii. Explain why graphene is a good electrical conductor. iii. Explain the extraordinary strength of graphene in terms of its structure and bonding.
4. Nanotechnology is already widely used but its use may cause some problems for humans. Write a short paragraph about two of the possible health risks that may be associated with the use of nanotechnology.