Staff Surveys

For a wider-reaching view of SEL at your school, another option is to conduct a staff survey. CASEL’s School-based Staff Survey on Schoolwide SEL Implementation is an excellent resource to help you do this, even including a draft letter that you can adapt for your own school to inform staff of the purpose of the survey.

The resource includes a full list of questions that should take respondents no more than ten minutes to answer. In a similar way to the Personal SEL Reflection, they take the form of a series of statements, such as “I have participated in professional learning on how my interactions with students can promote their social and emotional competence.” Respondents simply tick boxes to state how often each statement has occurred, ranging from “Never” to “Always”.

This survey provides an excellent overview of how your staff perceive and experience various features of SEL in your school, giving you a picture of where you are as a school and where there are opportunities for improvement.

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