Making the Case for SEL - CASEL


CASEL has some useful resources to help you make the case for SEL in your school, including this SEL 101 Sample Introductory Presentation (OST), which you can adapt to suit the audience to whom you are presenting. It includes an introduction to SEL and the aforementioned five core areas of competence, why it matters and how to promote it across your school in a variety of settings for both students and adults. It also looks at indicators of schoolwide SEL to help you assess how far SEL is present in your school’s current practices.

The Case for SEL is another useful PowerPoint presentation that you can use when introducing the concept of SEL to various members of your school community.

The presentation discusses the benefits of SEL for adults as well as students, talking about its positive impact on teachers – something that will prove useful for achieving buy-in from your academic staff.

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