SEL in an International School Context

International schools are unique in terms of their individual diversity, the local laws around wellbeing and possibly 'banned' topics. International schools are also faced with a higher transient population meaning that one cannot assume that a student has followed any linear SEL programme. Wellbeing in international schools can be hindered by the lack of available local counselling or mental health provision, thereby adding more responsibility on schools to support the socio-emotional skills of their student population.

International schools may also follow national government mandatory programmes, for example the Moral Education and Life Skills (MELS) programme in the UAE, or the Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education in the UK. School Leaders will need to reflect on how to introduce a SEL programme in addition to mandatory requirements, when timetable constraints place additional pressure on finding a regular and suitable time. Below are links to research into the effectiveness of SEL programmes within an international context.

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